Preserving Business Owner Assets

Reduce the risk of premature investment liquidation, deepen your business relationships and expand your overall value proposition.
According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 71% of small business owners rely on their personal savings to fund working capital.

How many of your clients own businesses? How many are considering starting a new business?  As a financial advisor, if this isn’t a conversation you are having with your clients, your AUM and your clients’ personal assets could be at risk of liquidation.  According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 71% of small business owners rely on their personal savings to fund working capital; and this number is rising.  The number of small business owners who rely on their personal assets to finance their businesses has nearly doubled in the last year as business owners battle rising inflation.  If you aren’t engaging your business owner clients about their working capital needs, you could be losing assets unnecessarily.

3-out-of-4 of your business owner clients are financing their businesses by liquidating personal investments to fund working capital; however, it is possible to fund your clients’ working capital needs without disrupting their personal investment strategies.  Here’s how.  The key is to overcome the barriers that limit your business owner clients’ access to capital.

Lack of Information

46% of small business owners say that they don’t have enough information on available sources of capital.  Oftentimes the biggest barrier to financing is a lack of visibility; many business owners do not know what options are available to them and don’t have time to educate themselves.  This is an absolutely solvable problem.  With the UPTIQ Advisor Lending platform, you can curate multiple financing options for your business owner clients from multiple sources within minutes.

Time-Consuming Application Process

52% of small business owners say that the long, cumbersome and time-consuming loan application process is a barrier to securing financing.  Why spend the time to fill out and submit a loan application, especially when the outcome is uncertain, when they can call their financial advisor to liquidate assets in just a few minutes?  Again, a solvable problem.  The UPTIQ Advisor Lending platform simplifies the loan application process and enables financial advisors to secure financing for their clients in the time it takes to liquidate investment assets.

 Credit Options

46% of small business owners think they don’t have enough revenue or business assets to qualify for a loan.  It's all about knowing which lenders can finance your client's unique objective.  The UPTIQ Advisor Lending platform connects you to a network small business and commercial lenders who can fund virtually any liquidity need or risk profile and enables you to generate multiple credit options for your client in minutes.

Interest Rates

76% of small business owners say that rising interest rates are limiting their ability to secure financing.  While you can’t do anything about the current rate environment, you can use the UPTIQ Advisor Lending platform to find the best rates and tailor creative credit solutions that deliver growth capital at the right price.

As a financial advisor, it is critical that you engage your business owner clients and understand their business needs and objectives – not only will it give you the opportunity to preserve investment assets by helping your clients secure the business financing they need, it gives you the opportunity to be their strategic partner in both their personal and business financial success.

Preserving Business Owner Assets
Taylor Adkins

Taylor is a financial services industry veteran with 18+ years’ experience building innovative technology and a passion for creating long-term value for customers by developing great products and delivering exceptional service.

Prior to joining UPTIQ, Taylor served as SVP of Product at Envestnet where his responsibilities included the Yodlee and Envestnet Data & Analytics platforms.  Before Envestnet, Taylor served as SVP of Product at Cloud Lending Solutions, a cloud-based lending platform used by banks and fintechs globally, where he led product development and strategy until Cloud Lending Solutions’ acquisition by Q2 Holdings (NYSE: QTWO).  Taylor continued to lead the Cloud Lending platform at Q2 as VP of Lending Products.  Prior to Cloud Lending Solutions, Taylor held a variety of Product leadership roles at nCino and ACI Worldwide and served as Chief Technology Officer for a $3B regional bank.

Taylor holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a master’s degree in eCommerce and Business Management, both from St. Edward’s University.

As Chief Product Officer, Taylor is responsible for product development and strategy, product marketing and solutions consulting.