How lending tools can extend the client-advisor relationship

Learn how new lending solutions help RIAs provide holistic wealth management for their clients.

RIAs have a fundamental duty to consistently provide investment advice that is in their clients’ best interests. To be successful, RIAs need to be able to look holistically at a client's financial situation and all the potential tools they can use to increase their wealth. 

This is a challenge for many RIAs who do not have direct relationships with, or integrated access to, retail banks who often provide the most competitive rates for financial services products like loans. 

Because of this gap we’re beginning to see a new evolution of Lending Tech that connects loan sources to RIAs in a few different forms. These include:

Traditional marketplace lending platforms

These platforms provide advisors with access to a network of banking and lending institutions and offer guidance and advocacy in delivering desired outcomes. These platforms are typically not integrated with RIA software requiring the advisor and their client to manually manage the loan application process.

Collateral Loans

in our current bear market it might not be a good financial decision to cash out stocks, bonds or even crypto to make a major purchase. Collateral loans allow clients to take advantage of their investments to provide liquidity without losing out on gains when the markets improve. 

Retail bank programs

Some retail banks have developed programs for RIA’s that bundle traditional banking products like deposit accounts, credit cards and loans. These are nice benefits to be able to offer clients but limit an advisor’s ability to find the best rates across multiple financial institutions. 

Intelligent Lending-as-a-Service platforms

Available as an integrated or stand-alone offering, an intelligent Lending as-a-Service platform uses data about a client’s financial needs and current investment portfolio to carefully match with a lending institution. This helps clients make more confident, educated financing decisions by presenting a number of relevant financing options available. It also allows RIAs to protect their AUM by offering solutions that keep client assets intact and working.

Cion Digital’s Wealth Advisor Lending Platform enables RIAs to proactively offer a wider selection of relevant and competitive loan products to their clients, intelligently matching clients’ needs to lenders. Our platform allows RIA’s to effortlessly extend the advisor-client relationship while we do the heavy lifting. 

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How lending tools can extend the client-advisor relationship
Taylor Adkins

Taylor is a financial services industry veteran with 18+ years’ experience building innovative technology and a passion for creating long-term value for customers by developing great products and delivering exceptional service.

Prior to joining UPTIQ, Taylor served as SVP of Product at Envestnet where his responsibilities included the Yodlee and Envestnet Data & Analytics platforms.  Before Envestnet, Taylor served as SVP of Product at Cloud Lending Solutions, a cloud-based lending platform used by banks and fintechs globally, where he led product development and strategy until Cloud Lending Solutions’ acquisition by Q2 Holdings (NYSE: QTWO).  Taylor continued to lead the Cloud Lending platform at Q2 as VP of Lending Products.  Prior to Cloud Lending Solutions, Taylor held a variety of Product leadership roles at nCino and ACI Worldwide and served as Chief Technology Officer for a $3B regional bank.

Taylor holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a master’s degree in eCommerce and Business Management, both from St. Edward’s University.

As Chief Product Officer, Taylor is responsible for product development and strategy, product marketing and solutions consulting.