Cion Digital’s Advisor Lending Platform delivers value to wealth professionals and clients

December 1, 2022

Cion Digital’s new Advisor Lending Platform connects wealth professionals and firms with lenders in a more efficient process than was previously available.

They also now offer their product suite to a more significant portion of the financial services and retail sectors.

The Advisor Lending Platform automatically produces a range of loans from participating lenders that meet the needs of both sides. Those lenders include banks and DeFi protocols. The platform supports various loan types with different collateralized assets, including digital assets, securities, bonds, and real estate.

Advisor Lending Platform meets many needs

Cion Digital’s chief product officer Taylor Adkins previously worked in lending. He said there has long been a gap between wealth technology and the banking and fintech industries.

Financial advisors need the technology to facilitate the next steps when identifying financing needs. They either have to let the client do it alone, or they manually shop the need to lender after lender. They’re not paid to do this, and there’s no assurance they are speaking to the best opportunities for their client.

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