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The UPTIQ Financial Intelligence Platform

loan diagram showing UPTIQ curation engine connecting borrowers and lenders

The UPTIQ Financial Intelligence Platform intelligently matches borrowers to lenders based on their unique needs, preferences, financial situation and anticipated use of funds, and matches lenders to borrowers based on their minimum credit requirements and ideal borrower characteristics. The result is relevant loan offers and qualify financing for borrowers and high-value relationships for lenders.

Needs Assessment

UPTIQ needs assessment screen

The UPTIQ Financial Intelligence Platform captures the borrower’s unique needs, preferences and anticipated use of funds through our intelligent Needs Assessment, which dynamically renders questions, based on borrower responses, that help us understand the loan product and amount required, the credit and financial profile of the borrower and other relevant criteria we use to curate loan offers from our network of lenders.

Loan Offer Curation

UPTIQ loan offer curation screen

The UPTIQ Lending Platform curates relevant loan offers for borrowers from our network of lenders by matching the borrower to the right lenders based on the borrower’s needs and anticipated use of funds and the lender’s minimum credit requirements, ideal borrower characteristics and the lender’s participation preferences.

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Seamless Application Submission

UPTIQ application submission screen

The UPTIQ Financial Intelligence Platform seamlessly integrates with leading Loan Origination Systems (LOS) and underwriting platforms, enabling instant loan application submission and digital transmission of loan application data and documentation.

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